Friday, April 29, 2011

Because I can

Because I live vicariously through other people’s DIY projects.

Because our trip to the beach has been canceled because our baby has the sickies (a cold).  I’m so bummed.

And because it’s almost the end of April and I have so few posts this month.  Let’s not talk about my allergies, umK?

I’m sharing Bryn’s tiling project


Be sure to read both Day 1 and Day 2.  She’s done a really nice job describing the process, the materials they needed (and didn’t need) and the little bumps along the way.  I so enjoy seeing a project through to completion.  Even if it’s someone else’s.  Heck, the closest we come to DIY around these rented parts is dropping our knives off at ACE to be sharpened.  Oh wait, that’s still on the To-Do list.  Sorry honey.  Maybe that will happen this weekend, you know, since we won’t be at THE OCEAN.


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