Sunday, May 22, 2011

Local beauty

I had to follow up my last post’s criticism of local architecture with something more positive from the design files.  When walking through a nearby neighborhood a few weeks ago, I spotted this fence.


Among the many hum-drum front fences of these townhouses, the horizontal wood planks are a welcome sight.  It all looks very well-crafted.


Do you love that rolling gate?


I bet that is fun to come home to.  My in-laws built and installed a similar door in their house.  Good times.  Noodle salad.  (Can you tell me what that’s from?)

I commend you, neighbor!   Job well done on that curb appeal!


  1. Hi Babbler! Thanks for stopping by, can't wait to catch up on your blog! Wanted to let you know that the chair and ottoman are from Babies R Us. It is the Newco Serenity Non Swivel Glider, in Buckwheat Velvet.

    FYI, since I learned the hard way - if you order in store, it will take 12-16 weeks, but free shipping and might be able to use a 20% off coupon. I had to order online, and pay more in shipping, to get it in 5 days. Wish I'd planned ahead better, oh well!

  2. Love this fence! We need to meet and scope out other spots soon.

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