Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Today's List

I’ve written before about my obsession/fondness for lists. Today’s list includes study time (LEED exam in two days and counting) and a few hours of work. Over the weekend I managed to find this little gem: www.listable.org which contains hundreds of lists other folks have started or expanded upon. Some are helpful and some are just funny, and I felt right at home on this site. One great list I found is a list of FREE Photoshop alternatives! As much as I love to play with Photoshop, it's an expensive investment for the individual. I've managed to avoid buying it so far (thanks to some pretty sophisticated photo editing tools in Picassa) but since the start of this blog, I've felt the need for some good old Photoshop layering capabilities. As a self-employed individual, a free alternative could be just the thing. I currently use a free alternative to Adobe Acrobat called PDF Creator (thanks to my dear husband!) which I can even use to plot from AutoCad. As soon as this exam torture is over I'll be implementing one of these Photoshop alternatives- this girl's got to get crackin' on a new portfolio!

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