Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Gnome Home

I have a gnome home! I've been trying to save a succulent for a few months now in a small pot on my window sill, but evidently I've created another kind of microclimate, because the other day I saw this little habitat had sprouted! I took a few photos of the evidence of my black-thumb. Honestly, have you seen a more pitiful potted plant? Now for some more delightful evidence of spring: the dogwoods have bloomed! Dogwoods are some of my most favorite blossoms (we even had them on our wedding cake!) and so it's great to be back in Georgia during the blooming season. My allergies will tell you otherwise, but I love this time of year. I just had to have some of the blossoms in our house, so I grabbed a few off a tree in our yard (it's managed to bloom despite my presence!) and put them in as many vessels as I could. Here are the beauties in my bathroom, in a vase I picked up in Dallas a few years ago. I love the hint of green in their petals. Here's a shot of the entire vignette on the bathroom windowsill. There are lovely, deep sills on the windows in this house and I try and make use of them. I wonder if these will last until I get back? I'll be out of town for a few days and probably not posting, but I'm sure I'll have many wonderful things to share when I get back from this secret destination!

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