Tuesday, June 16, 2009

I'm one of those people

Last week I joined the masses and got an iPhone. Hey- they lowered the price! What's an internet-obsessed girl to do? I shouldn't be apologizing for this investment. It's been an amazing help to us on the trips we've taken lately (my husband got one back in May), and especially when looking for a place to live in D.C. I spent a little time looking through the free apps yesterday while the oil was being changed in my car, and I continue to be impressed by what people have come up with. And it can be done with a phone, or what used to be just a tool for communication. The iPhone is the new Swiss Army knife. One really great tool I found is this: ColorSnap from Sherwin-Williams. You can use the phone to take a photo of a color you like (from nature, a painting, anything) and it will match it with one of their 1500 colors. They'll also show you a coordinating color palette to compliment the original color. They even direct you to the nearest Sherwin-Williams store. Okay, I guess that one was to be expected. I also downloaded the Compass app. Can't wait to use that one on a job-site. Someone tell me when they find the app that writes blog posts for you.

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