Thursday, February 25, 2010

My life right now

This week (month) has been fraught with the trials and tribulations of being a professional architect, mainly those associated with licensure.  It’s been such a complicated process that I thought I’d make a little venn diagram (inspired by this blog) to help describe the mess.

My diagram1


Now that I’ve got that off my chest…

I’m bummed that I won’t be able to enter The Washington Post annual Peeps Diorama Contest because we’ll be out of town this weekend and it ends on Monday, March 1st.  But, I can’t wait to see what comes of it.  The past years have been beyond impressive.

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  1. I tortured my class last semester by showing a video from Unwrapped (Food Network) showing how Peeps are made. You know, that's accounting, right? Well, I was teaching the production cycle and it was actually a really useful example. BUT, it meant that I talked about Peeps non-stop for a couple of weeks... everything could be related to peeps!! And then I brought Peeps to class and tried to make people eat them!!

    BTW, did you know they HAND-STAMP each little Peep face???