Monday, February 8, 2010

Some sweet stuff online

Yep, we’re pretty socked-in with snow right now.  And there’s more on the way.  I am trying hard to not think about snow as jail, but it does feel a little bit like that to me.  Certainly not what I anticipated when moving to Virginia.  I know, it snows this close to the Mason-Dixon line, but generally not this much.  I think I know what those Minnesotans feel like each winter, without all the appropriate gear and expertise.


So, this weekend was filled with working on some home projects (yay spiffy closet!), sewing, eating hearty food, watching Rudy enjoy the snow, and of course internet-browsing.  I’ve been wanting to share a few sites with you, loyal readers.  Some I’ve known about for a while, and some I’ve recently found and just must share as my mama always taught me to.

Young House Love.  Have you seen this blog?  I think I am behind the times on this one (I usually am) but these people are pretty much my idols.  They bought a sweet little 50s ranch house outside of Richmond and have been renovating it for the past few years, blogging about it, and turning that into their full-time job.  Incredible.  I don’t always agree with their style, but I love that they give full-on tutorials of most of the projects they’ve tackled, complete with their mistakes, photos, and what everything cost.  They’ve been featured on numerous websites, magazines, and are now contributors to Better Homes and Gardens Do It Yourself magazine.  Sheesh.  So I go there every so often and check out what they are up to, though I still haven’t added them to my Reader.  I’ve got a little bit of blog-reading guilt (read:  I probably spend too much time reading about other peoples’ lives) so I’m very picky about what I add to my Reader.  But I’ll probably add YHL soon.  It’s addictive.

Ten Dollar Drawings.  I can’t remember how I found this site, but I heart it.  I will definitely be asking her to make me a drawing for $10.  I just need to decide what I want drawn.  Ideas?

SpringPadIt.  Another one I’ve known about for a while but finally took the plunge and set up an account last week.  Previously, if I found a great website, I would either keep it up as a Tab for weeks (okay, it’s still a habit I’m trying to break) or email myself the link.  But with SpringPad, you can keep track of all the cool things you find online, and categorize them.  So far, I’ve set up a recipes file and one for potential blog material and various other things I’ve come across (mostly through Apartment Therapy).  It’s been great to have all my links in one spot, and I don’t have to freak out if my tabs are closed unexpectedly. 

Hope you check one of these out sites.  Let me know if you do.


  1. Hi Rachel!

    Thanks so much for trying Springpad and recommending us - we appreciate it! :) We are about to roll out some pretty sweet improvements to the site and our clipper that will make organizing and saving stuff even easier! Check out our blog for a preview:

    Also, if you ever have questions or feedback, feel free to email me:

    Devin @ Springpad

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  3. "I would either keep it up as a Tab for weeks..." I do this, too! I must come up as a cyber stalker on so many blogs, where they actually monitor the traffic.

  4. another blog you might like...
    not as much renovating as in young house love, but lots of interesting designs and creativity!

  5. One of the link interests me. I had fun reading.