Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Australian Inspiration

I am officially sick of painting.  What has it been, 8 days now?  Oh wait, only three.  And I have three more to go.  Tonight I got primer in my eye.  It was not pretty.  Sorry for the “tude”.  I am just a tired gal.  And I am missing a fun social outing involving karaoke in order to paint tonight.  I think I have some sort of sick love of torture.  Only I would choose to paint a rental apartment for the second time after I have challenged myself to a month of blog posts AND during my second week at a new job.  Ay yi yi.

Because I’m in to the whole brevity thing tonight, I just want to show you a pretty picture of a cute little house in Australia:


This house won a 2009 award for Residential Architecture from the Australian Institute of Architects.  It was designed by Neeson Murcutt Architects (not sure if there is any relation to Glen Murcutt) and I really enjoyed their website.  The Whale Beach House is another beauty.

Good.  Night.

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