Sunday, November 22, 2009

The Yellow Front Door

I have a new love… the yellow front door.

As I’ve mentioned, we live in Alexandria, Virginia where many things are as historic as they get in America. There are brick and cobblestone sidewalks and streets, real shutters that work, and historic rowhouses dating back to before the father of our country was in long pants. I love seeing all these structures on my rides to work- the rhythm of the rowhouse is comforting. But every once in a while I have to do a double take. Behold, the yellow door:


This is one I absolutely adore- the canary yellow looks incredible with the more subtle green and grey.

Here’s another one, in a mustard tone. It looks more stately:


I started looking around online for yellow doors, and came across an article from Martha Stewart’s late publication Blueprint, which I sorely miss!


Click on the photo above to read the article.

And one last Yellow Door image that I dig:


Do you agree? Anyone else out there have or want a yellow front door?

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