Sunday, November 8, 2009

The house that I am scared of

First, let me say I’ve just had the most amazing dinner with friends. A.mazing. It’s been a full Sunday and I only have 5 more minutes to get in a post for 11/08/09.

I’m passing on a link sent to me by a loyal reader about a house in the Charlottesville, Virginia area on the market for $100 million. 100 million dollars? After looking through the slideshow of photos, though, I have to say I’m (not lying) scared by this house. It’s so over-the-top ostentatious I can’t believe it’s not part of Las Vegas. It’s in beautiful horse country Virginia, yet it boasts Versailles-like statuary. And a home theater. As if those two go hand in hand.

Take a look for yourselves.


  1. Almost better than looking at the photos is reading the comments - especially the first one! I'm not sure I would call the house well done, and I'm not much of an authority on authentic French or English interiors but I have to say that it looks pretty awful! Especially the room in the second photo (the one with the piano) what entirely way too much STUFF in it, it looks like a junk room!

  2. Yeah, the comments are pretty strange and varied. I am not sure of the audience for that site but it's definitely attracted a wide range of opinions.