Monday, November 30, 2009

In the news

I hope everyone’s re-entry today went well.  I am struggling with exhaustion.  Sorry I wasn’t able to post yesterday.  We had a 12-hour day in the car and blogging just wasn’t in me when we finally returned last night.

I had a few ideas for tonight’s post, but I received a tip about this article featuring Dr. Jay’s uncle and it immediately rose to the top of the list.

Read all about how builders like Michael are using their talents and building knowledge to retrofit existing homes to become more energy efficient.  It’s all part of the Energy Independence Program in Sonoma County, California which aims to significantly reduce the county’s carbon footprint by 2015.  In a state where there is currently an excessive of new homes and unfinished construction projects, this type of work provides a completely different business model for the traditional home builder.


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