Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Design Contest Alert

Who doesn't love a good design competition? Last week I was in my local g-store (that's grocery store, keep up!) and noticed that they are offering a competition to design a Reusable Shopping bag. These things are just getting cuter and cuter- a few months ago I bought two of the same one at Target for 99 cents each. They are green with a Ginkgo leaf pattern and don't look like your standard reusable bag, though the logo does appear as part of the design. They also have a great fold-up and velcro feature (as seen at left, modeled by the talented Rudy). I took one on the Mexico trip and it was the perfect, easy to pack beach bag. I'm going to try and enter a design for the Kroger reusable bag. I'll have to be sure and let them know that it is designed by a LEED Accredited Professional. Hopefully I don't have too much competition from my readers. I'm sure I'd go crazy with a $1000 gift card. I could buy lots of almond butter and filet mignon.

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