Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Some fun things for a hump day...

My name is Rachel and I'll be your server of fun things today. First, today happens to be 31 cent scoop night at Baskin Robbins. Yes, please keep reading my blog because from time to time, evidently, I will tell you where to find cheap, delicious ice cream. I won't wax poetic about Baskin Robbins like I did with Ben & Jerry's, but hey, maybe you need cheap ice cream to get you through this crazy week of swine flu and a murderer at large so I feel it's now my duty to tell you about it. Another fun thing? This bicycle! What a beauty! It's color is called Vanilla Orange- and don't you love the basket? Last weekend I attended Twilight, a bike race here in Athens. We biked around town with family on a beautiful spring afternoon, and although it was somewhat tainted by the tragic news of the day, I counted my blessings to live in a small, relatively quiet community where we can hop on the bike and get just about anywhere quickly. I was amazed by the talent of all those cyclists (shout out to Heath Blackgrove from Team Hotel San Jose -BEST hotel in Austin!-, who won for the Men's Professional Division, and to the members of Iron Data who put up a great show!) but I think a bike like the one pictured above is more my speed. And style :)


  1. you won the juice beauty contest! email me at with your mailing address! congrats!